A Trading Partner You Can Trust.

Clements is a multinational trading company supporting buyers to procure goods of their preference at the best possible prices.

Our area of focus is mainly in Agriculture, Construction and Manufacturing and Industrial sector.

We aim to deliver quality products and services around the different corners of the world at a viable cost.

Why Us?

With us as your preferred choice for your dealings, we guarantee to always be transparent and timely. We’ll work in the best possible way to ensure your satisfied.

Our customer care service is fully dedicated to customers and their inquiries. We are always there to help 24/7.

We charge a commission which does not exceed 5 percent.

Our commitment to outstanding service is unwavering. We have completed over 1000 orders in the last 14 months and we have successfully completed every project we ever started.

Our company has a direct link with a substantial number of manufactures globally.

On time shipments. We arrange for on time shipments to make sure our customers get their products on time.

We are an international trading company dealing directly with farmers, agricultural suppliers, manufacturers, constructors, wholesalers, and importers around the globe. We lay significant emphasis on supplying quality products across various international destinations.

brown wooden shelf on white floor tiles
brown wooden shelf on white floor tiles



We have direct links to the factories and we have a strong network in the markets. This enables us to get products and goods which meet international standards.

bird's photo of cityscape
bird's photo of cityscape


We act as your purchasing agent in China in order to save your time and cost. During purchasing process we always do product inspection, laboratory test and quality control to make sure your products are of good quality and are safe for your daily use.

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Some products may require certifications or meet your specifications. We can inspect your products and make sure you are notified before your shipment departs. We can arrange for Professional Safety Inspections, Material Safety Data Sheets and technical data for you.

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